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Hi, I'm James. A documentary film maker based in Manchester.

About me

I’ve worked for quite a few clients such as Google / YouTube, BBC, ITV and Channel 4. I'm a self shooting Producer / Director and Editor and have worked across Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East.

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BBC1: Inside Out London

Filmed on location in Auschwitz, Poland, this BBC1 Documentary meets the survivors of one of the worlds worst atrocities.

Sean Fletcher discovers why sexual harassment is the norm for women on a night out. Luke Hanrahan meets the families struggling to survive in modern-day slums. And we hear the harrowing stories of some of the Holocaust’s last remaining survivors.

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Out on a Limb

Three wheelchair users who embark on a mission to conquer the Swiss Alps and prove that having a disability won’t tame their sense of adventure

It’s been screened at Odyssey Cinema, Kendal Mountain Festival, Kino Films and many more. In 2020 we’ll be at Manchester Film Festival and Auburn Adventure Festival too.

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