I'm James Dann. A film maker who makes his own stuff as well as working for other folks too.


Who am I? Good question!

I'm James, a documentary maker with 9 years of experience under my belt. I'm based in Manchester, but travel all over the world doing what I love.

I've been an Assistant Producer for BBC Tomorrow’s World, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, ITV and many more, as well as working for Google for two years as a self shooting producer / director, filming across the USA and UK. After working for Google, I established and ran the media department for EDACY, an employment through education company operating out of Switzerland, Oman and Senegal.

You can read all about my employment history on my cv and check out what I've been up to on the projects page.

So that's me! I'm always looking for new and exciting projects to get involved with, so drop me a message if you want to chat further.

Drop me a message!

You can message me directly on Facebook, or use the contact form below.