Baku: Exploring the land of Fire in Azerbaijans Capital

Made with Erasmus+, this documentary explores the rise of tourism in the capital city of Azerbaijan

Made in conjunction with Erasmus+, The Government of Azerbaijan and The Education Centre of Youth, I produced and presented a documentary about Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It was made with the help of EU funding to promote tourism to Azerbaijan, and to raise awareness about the capital city of Baku and all that it has to offer.

The Education Centre of youth are a unique organisation which specialises in the exchange of ideas and culture in Azerbaijan. They help develop ideas and bring young people together across the country to share in discussions and strengthen relationships between individuals and countries. The organisation helps get people into jobs, and organises workshops and training weeks to provide education and inspiration to the young people of Azerbaijan and beyond.

Produced, directed and shot by myself.

Edited by Alistair Dann

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