Mental Illness and homelessness, the causes and consequences of living on the streets.

Every day, Shelter saves thousands of people across the country by getting them the help they need.

Filmed for Shelter, the documentary explores the Manchester Homelessness Charter's Mental Health Action Group and the issues that surround people who experience mental health and homelessness issues. The aim of this was to raise social awareness of mental ill-health, and how it can be both a cause and consequence of homelessness.

Throughout the film we hear the real lived experience from those who’ve needed support from homelessness and mental health systems, and how being in a system can be the point where people have felt most excluded from their society. Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust and other professionals working in services also share their passion and belief in what the Action Group can achieve.

Neil Thwaite, Chief Executive and Tom Woodcock, Strategic Lead for Community Asset Development (both from Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) spoke after the film. Both Neil and Tom commented on the value of this peer-led research and how the trust, as members of the action group, can build on our recommendations; making real change happen and co-producing this transformation in equal partnership with those who have lived these issues.
Premiered and screened at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and Docademia Festival, New York.

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