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From Sheffield to Zambia.

A documentary odyssey travelling across two continents, entirely overland.


Champions of the World

Across two continents, 15 countries, 22 cities and 12 ounces (I rounded down), a well known musician explores the world in a way that’s never been captured before. From musical disability activists in Paris to the trance inducing singing of the Massai tribes, this gonzo-style documentary is an adventurous, exciting and downright insane journey through humanity, cultures and traditions.

Directing this documentary involved:

- Writing shooting scripts and capturing master IV's

- Filming on location for two months

- Directing and working in a small team

- Filming in hostile and challenging environments

- Creating sequences and segments

- Rigging go-pros, UGC cameras and sound devices.

- Edit producing and overseeing all post-production.

This documentary is currently in post production with broadcast release scheduled for late 2023.

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