Out On A Limb [VOD]

Three wheelchair users embark on a mission to conquer the Swiss Alps.

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With expert training from disability sports instructors as well as volunteer helpers, the trio set out to learn how to master their adaptive skis and navigate the perilous mountain terrain. Both mentally and physically, this week will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their lives.

We’ve enjoyed a fair few screenings, including being part of the Official Selection for Kendal Mountain Festival, Manchester International Festival 2020 and Auburn Adventure Festival 2020. We’ve also had theatrical release at the Odyssey Cinema, St Albans and Sheffield Showroom.

Who's in the documentary?

Three years ago, as a result of falling down an escalator, 33-year-old former estate agent Daniel Wilson became paralysed from the waist down following severe haemorrhaging during vital spinal surgery. Fuelled by the pure adrenaline that comes from this exhilarating and perilous sport, this is Dan’s second time in attempting to master adaptive skiing. However, despite facing the hazardous mountain terrain, being away from his home in the UK presents a much larger challenge. With regular medication needed as well as constant maintenance of various physical ailments, Dan must not neglect his health and daily care routine, despite being immersed in the excitement and intensity of the trip.

24-year-old vlogger Isaac Harvey was born with limb/pelvis hypoplasia, a condition that means Isaac has short legs, no arms and must use his feet for all of his daily activities. This is Isaac’s first time on the mountain, and with the aid of Deffi Sports, an adaptive ski company, he will be fitted into a customised chair that is perfectly adapted to his body. For the week, all of Isaac’s trust is placed in the hands of those who control his chair. Travelling at speeds of 40MPH down the mountain, Isaac must give up control of his own movement and summon the strength to not succumb to extreme motion sickness.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION Kendal Mountain Festival 2019

Out On A Limb has been entered into Kendal Film Festival!

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17th January 2020

Out on a Limb had it's first theatrical screening at The Odyssey, St Albans!

31st January 2020


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