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Saved By The Squat

After falling into homelessness, Carl finds refuge in the infamous Cornerhouse Squat. Filmed in Manchester, this documentary explores the issues of rough sleeping and the dangers that exist within a society where people can so easily fall through the cracks.

I’m extremely passionate about tackling and raising awareness for homelessness. In Manchester, we see a huge amount of rough sleepers and people on the streets, and every year the number rises. I wanted to make a documentary that explored this issue as told by someone who had lived through it. Carl came to me via Shelter and agreed to let me tell his story, giving us a guided tour of Manchester and showing us how he used to live his life.

I felt that this was an important documentary to make, as homelessness is often a subject of which we are desensitised too. People who are street homeless are often suffering from mental health issues, which could be enhanced by drug and alcohol use. Often, a series of uncontrollable events have a domino effect which leads people into becoming homeless (loosing a job, loosing a partner, then loosing a house etc) and it’s this issue which I wanted to raise, showing how easy it is to fall into this situation.

Saved by the Squat is honest and direct about the life the Carl has led. It’s a story of choices, showing where he’s come from to his present reality. It’s a story of honest and optimism, showing that change is possible even in the darkest days of our life.

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