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Why We March

Enduring the past to save the future. The last survivors of the holocaust return to the death camps of Poland to tell their stories.

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Why We March follows three holocaust survivors on a 6 day trip across Poland as they re-visit the deathcamps they were imprisoned in. From the killing field of Majdanek to the infamous Auschwitz camp, the survivors tell their stories and share their lives with the younger generation in order to make sure history never repeats itself.

March of the Living UK is a 6 day educational journey in Poland culminating with the unforgettable March of the Living international event that brings people from all over the world on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest WWII concentration camp complex.

In order to fully understand and appreciate what was lost in the war, one needs to understand what there was before. The March aims to understand the realities of the holocaust by having the survivors lead the documentary and discuss their experiences with the younger generation.

April 2021 will mark the 76th anniversary of the end of the war and liberation of the concentration camps. March of the living is currently being edited, and due for theatrical release and selected screenings from March onwards.

‘The March’ has also worked with Neopolitan Films and the BBC, providing exclusive testimonials and footage for a BBC Documentary which aired during Holocaust Memorial week in January 2020.

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5889 MOTL Movie Social Assets Insta 12

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