I've been making films for quite a while now, and I've been lucky enough to work on some really interesting projects. I love making documentaries, which is why I do it.

Here's my


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Out on a Limb

Out On A Limb - Available on Amazon Prime, Vimeo On Demand and Reelhouse.org

Three wheelchair users who embark on a mission to conquer the Swiss Alps and prove that having a disability won’t tame their sense of adventure

Out on a Limb has been screened at multiple cinemas and film festivals across the world, including Kendal Mountain Festival Manchester International Film Festival as well as The Savoy, Odyssey, Kino Films, Indieflicks and many more.

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Why We March

Enduring the past to save the future. The last survivors of the holocaust return to the death camps of Poland to tell their stories.

From the killing field of Majdanek to the infamous Auschwitz camp, the survivors tell their stories and share their lives with the younger generation in order to make sure history never repeats itself.


For Tomorrow - Jessica Alba, United Nations and Hyundai.

Over the last few months, For Tomorrow have been working with the actress and activist to connect with a group of incredible people who are creating change all around the world.

In partnership with Hyundai and the United Nations, this is a series of videos on pioneering activists across the world.

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Global Action Heroes

Climate change has reached a global crisis point and transport has a crucial role to play in turning this around.

Filmed in Africa, Northern Europe and Latin America - these short form documentaries champion Climate Action Hero's across the world.

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Senegal Stories: EDACY

Three documentaries focusing on the themes of unemployment, cultural barriers and the Senegalese school system.

Made for EDACY, an international education company aimed at providing young people with the skills they need in order to gain long term employment.


Showtown! Blackpool Museum

A collection of stories from Blackpool's artists and performers. Created for Showtown! Museum.


NFTS and Comics - Bloomberg Quicktake

Marvel and DC have banned sales of NFTs featuring their characters. Madis Kabash finds out how artists and dealers are responding. Filmed on location in London, UK. Produced by James Dann and Bloomberg Quicktake.


CDN - Disclosing Disabilities

CDN aims to enable the UK Broadcasting industry into increasing diversity and inspiring inclusion. This short form documentary explores the benefits of disclosing hidden disabilities to a future employer.

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The Life of Alf Morris

A three part documentary series celebrating the life of Alf Morris, the worlds first minister for disabled people.

Often described at the Magna Carta for disabled people, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 was the first disability rights legislation anywhere in the world and laid the foundations for all future legislation to aid the disabled.


2nd Amendment

From the streets of Philadelphia where people lie awake in bed playing ‘gunshot or firework’, to the remote Maryland hunters whose lives depend on their firearms to defend themselves, 2nd Amendment shatters the headlines and exposes the people and powers which lie at the core of the gun debate.

Shown at Genesis Cinema and Hackney Picturehouse. This documentary has also been used in American Studies courses throughout the UK.

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BBC1: Inside Out London

Filmed on location in Auschwitz, Poland, this BBC1 Documentary meets the survivors of one of the worlds worst atrocities.

In this documentary, we hear the harrowing stories of some of the Holocaust’s last remaining survivors.


Cause and Consequence: Shelter

This documentary explores the Manchester Homelessness Charter's Mental Health Action Group and the issues that surround people who experience mental health and homelessness issues.

The aim of this was to raise social awareness of mental health, and how it can be both a cause and consequence of homelessness.


I'm Not Drunk! Living with Ataxia

Fashion designer Joe Jervis suffers from Ataxia, a rare degenerative disease which rapidly degrades a persons speaking, muscle control and motor skills.

Travelling to Milan, Joe wants to discover if he has what it takes to make it in the industry before it's too late.


Baku: Exploring the land of Fire in Azerbaijans Capital

Tourism in the capital city of Azerbaijan is on the rise.

Made in conjunction with Erasmus+, The Government of Azerbaijan and The Education Centre of Youth, I produced and presented a documentary about Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

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Saved by the Squat

After falling into homelessness, Carl finds refuge in the infamous Cornerhouse Squat.

Filmed in Manchester, this documentary explores the issues of rough sleeping and the dangers that exist within a society where people can so easily fall through the cracks.

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